Number one if you're looking for a incredible place to train injury free B-FORCE FITNESS is the place!!!!!!!
Number two if you are a female and don't want to get big and bulky and create a body that I call tiny and tight this is absolutely the place for you!!!!!!!
Number three this is a unique facility that you can't find anywhere else in the country with the head trainer that has over 21 years experience creating champions. And if this product wasn't an excellent tool it wouldn't be so saturated all over the Internet proof is in the pudding!!!!!!!

Dodd Romero

Classes are amazing! Up beat different every time and you definitely get your sweat on and your heart rate up!! Love it will be doing more of these!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Jaclyn Roque

Incredible facility! Old school isolation equipment, intermixed with cutting edge B-force band technology. High intensity and efficient training! Couldn't ask for more!

B-Force Fitness

Luli Leon Mascaro